Pennsylvania Eminent Domain Attorney
Kathryn J. McGown

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      How I Can Help You
     My experience with PennDoT teaches that the earlier in
the process that you involve an attorney of your own choosing, the better are your chances of securing a final amount of Just Compensation which is satisfactory to you for what is most likely your single most valuable property asset - your home or your place of business.

      If you are dissatisfied with PennDoT's initial offer, you will need aggressive, knowledgeable representation. 

     Complications may arise if the property is subject to one or more mortgages.  I can assist you in negotiating with the mortgage broker so that you may be able to receive all or a portion of these funds directly rather than have them deposited into Court.

     If you choose to contact my office for legal advice, be assured that no amount of the initial EJC offer will be subject to my legal fees.  Initially, my fee is paid out of funds set aside by the Eminent Domain law for this purpose. it does not come out of your pocket, however, you do not have access to those funds if you do not utilize them for their stated purpose, which  are provided, in part, to enable property owners to obtain an outside legal opinion.  If the decision is made to seek compensation above the initial EJC, my fee is a percentage of the compensation which I am able to obtain from PennDoT over and above those funds which have already been  offered as EJC.